“Sandra Pell saved the day when our bright high school junior fell behind in math. He was embarrassed and distressed, but Sandra quickly put him at ease and was able to get him back on track. We were so pleased that when it came time for SAT and ACT prep, we turned to Sandra for one-on-one math tutoring. Thanks to her patience and expertise, our son was able to boost his initial test score and is looking ahead to college applications with considerably more confidence.”
– A Katonah Mom

“With Sandra’s help our daughter went from not being able to finish the ACT math and science sections to achieving a 35 on the exam on her first try! Sandra was able to clearly and effectively teach new material as well as provide our daughter with the necessary strategies to finish the exam within the allotted time. She was patient and understanding and our daughter thoroughly enjoyed working with her.”
– A grateful Katonah parent

“Connie and I wanted to thank you again for the help you gave to our son, David.  We’re certain that without your tutoring David would not have scored so well on the math Regents exam.  David told us that the time you spent teaching him how to use the calculator was invaluable.  We’re grateful to you,  and so is David.”
– Katonah parents

“Thanks to Sandra, my daughter is finally getting over her fear of math. She got 100 on her recent geometry test and is bursting with pride! Getting her this little bit of extra help has made all the difference. ”
– Catherine Censor, a Katonah parent

“Sandra’s Additional Help Math Tutoring helped me so much when I was struggling to get my ACT and SAT math scores up. With her help, I was able to get a 32 on the math part of the ACT and a 34 on the science. With an overall composite score of 34! Thank you so much Sandra!”
– Carly Cavaliere, a Boston University student

“Our two children have worked with Sandra Pell in preparing for the Math section of the SATs. One received an 800 on the test, and the other a 790. She did a magnificent job identifying those topics that needed attention, helping them to master the material, and honing their test-taking skills. Sandra was extremely generous with her time, very accommodating about scheduling, and our kids truly enjoyed and valued their sessions with her.”
–A Grateful Westchester Parent

“Sandra Pell is a miracle worker. Sandra worked with both our daughters to give them enchanced self confidence for the SAT and ACT tests. Sandra has a wonderful personality and works well with many different types of students. Although our daughter was a strong math student,  Sandra even enhanced her love for learning math. She is currently in a bio enginering program at Binghamton University, and  Sandra even helped her over her fall break with college level math. For our other daughter, Sandra helped boost her scores and give her not only additional confidence with the SAT,  but also useful ways to navigate the exam. Sandra is a pro in all areas of math and an excellent resource in our community.”
–Caryl and Peter Poser

“Sandra Pell provided superb training for the Math PSATs, SATs and ACTs. Each of our children had very different learning styles – one an AP-track student and another with learning differences. Yet each achieved top-tier results by any standard.  We think that this demonstrates how successful Sandra is in preparing each student with successful strategies and bringing out the best in each individual. ”
– A Chappaqua family

“Ten years ago I had to learn Pre-Calculus in a matter of weeks, and I couldn’t have done it without Sandra.  She was patient and clear and tailored the sessions to meet my needs and my learning curve. It was a pleasure to learn from her!”
– MW, Attorney, New York City

“Working with Sandra during high school was always helpful.  I couldn’t have gained the understanding required in a number of my classes without Sandra’s tutoring.”
–CW, grad student in NYC

“Sandra Pell is the consummate math tutor. Her thorough understanding of the curriculum from Algebra through Advanced Placement Calculus and solid background in preparing students for the SAT’s and Math Subject Tests make her a proven ‘go to’ person for math support.  Students and parents can depend on Sandra’s assessment and the plan she suggests to help the students reach their goals.  Her recommendations are honest, thoughtful and practical. When students and families have worked with Sandra Pell, they have given the most positive feedback, feeling that their time and efforts have been well spent.  Sandra expects the students to work hard, and she supports their efforts with her expert help and guidance. I have recommended Sandra Pell as a math tutor for the past eighteen years that I have worked in a Northern Westchester High School. It is a recommendation I can make with total confidence.”
– A Westchester Guidance Counselor

“I have been working with Sandra Pell since the end of my sophomore year in high school.  Sandra has helped me prepare not only for standardized tests, such as the SAT I, SAT IIs and ACT, but has also tutored me in math for my school math classes.  Sandra has taught me invaluable skills pertaining to both math and test taking in general; and she has given me the resources that I need to be an effective problem solver.  Sandra is always very patient and she makes sure that you understand all aspects of what she’s explaining.  I would recommend Sandra Pell to anyone who is looking for a tutor in math and/or science because of her thorough understanding not only of these subjects, but also of test taking strategies.”
– A Cornell University student

“My daughter got a 98 on her recent math test on radical expressions and equations! She had been very confused, but said the session with Sandra prior to the test made a huge difference.”
– A Katonah parent

“The great thing about Sandra is that she made math fun for me. I had trouble with more than one math concept while in college and she was able to get me up to speed on each one, while keeping me entertained. I would recommend her as a tutor for students of any age!”
– A Brown University graduate

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